Top 11 ETFs of first quarter 2011

The first quarter has come to a close and what a quarter it has been! With the Fed continuing QE2, MENA turmoil, a Japan earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis and European debt issues (right on cue), the first quarter of 2011 has been one of the more eventful Q1’s in recent memory. Investors in the right areas of the market were handsomely rewarded with double digit gains during the roller coaster start of 2011. Let’s examine the top 11 best performing non leveraged equity ETFs/ETNs in Q1 to determine several winning trends.  Continue Reading

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Green and Gold ETFs for Super Bowl XLV

The Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers will tussle in Cowboy Stadium this Sunday. Both teams are rich in tradition and championships but only one will emerge victorious. In honor of this clash between Packer Green and Steeler Gold, I present my favorite Green and Gold ETFs as honorary captains for Super Bowl 45. Continue Reading

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ETFs to Rescue Public Pensions

According to a recent special report in Pensions & Investments entitledFunds looming liquidity crisis,” public pensions will be hard pressed to directly own the alternative asset allocations that are needed to generate the returns required for looming distributions to plan participants. The reason? Not enough liquidity, given the future need for distributions, in the actual alternative asset classes. According to the article: “the need to provide liquidity to pay benefits over the next few decades will mean they (pension plans) can’t increase or even maintain existing allocations to real estate, private equity, timber, hedge funds and other alternative asset classes.

So what will plans likely do? Move assets to public equities and/or fixed income says the article. What!?! The plans will essentially be saying good bye to the attractive returns and correlations of alternatives exactly when they will need them the most! Wake up public pension plans! Don’t abandon something you literally can’t afford to lose! Instead consider the vibrant and expanding marketplace of ETF alternative products that were built with liquidity in mind. ETFs deliver what pensions want (alternatives) AND what they need (liquidity). Here’s how…

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