Insights From “Inside ETFs” — Part 2 of 2

Inside ETFs is the ETF industry’s main event each year. It is a three day conference organized by Index Universe and occurs around the beginning of February. This article is the second article in a two part series focusing on insights I gleaned from attending Inside ETFs 2013.

Inside ETFs

The Westin Diplomat hosted the Inside ETFs conference.

To review, in part one of this series I addressed the prominence of both Vanguard and iShares in relation to the other ETF Sponsors at the conference. The tension present at conference concerning active ETFs was another insight I outlined. In part two, I’ll cover ETF model portfolios and social media usage at Inside ETFs. Continue Reading

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Insights From “Inside ETFs” 2013 — Part 1 of 2

In February I attended and spoke at the ETF industry’s main event, Inside ETFs, hosted by ETF research leader Index Universe. This gathering was held at the spectacular Westin Diplomat in Florida. It was a mix of close to 1,500 registered investment advisors, ETF Sponsors, stock exchanges, ETF model portfolio managers, index providers, trading and research companies.

A view toward the ocean from the Westin Diplomat.

A view toward the ocean from the Westin Diplomat.

CNBC was on hand to broadcast live from the event. Bob Pisani interviewed product providers on their outlook toward ETFs and the markets overall. I was invite to be part of a group that rang the NYSE Opening Bell from Inside ETFs to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first ETF, which trades on the NYSE ARCA platform. The following day I moderated a panel of experts discussing crisis investing using ETFs. Needless to say, this three day conference was a whirlwind of activity and I thought I’d take moment to deliver several insights from the event.

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Live From the Super Bowl of Indexing 2011…

The 2011 Super Bowl of Indexing has started on a cool day in Phoenix. It gathers asset managers, academics, financial advisors, stock exchanges and product providers together to dialogue about markets. I am in attendance and will moderate two panels this week — the first centers on emerging markets, “The Rise of China and India.” The other panel will focus on the not so almighty  dollar, “The Weakening U.S. Dollar.” Should be some great discussion around timely topics…

Thus far there seems to be a fair amount of bullishness towards U.S. equity valuations from the likes of Goldman Sachs’ Abbey Joseph Cohen and Vanguard’s Head of Equities, Sandip Bhagat. Vanguard feels the next 10 years will be Continue Reading

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Inside ETFs Conference: The Good and The Bad (part 2)

The world’s largest ETF Conference, Inside ETFs, was a successful event boasting close to 2,000 attendees. The new venue for the conference, the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood, Florida was befitting this dynamic conference and industry. The Diplomat’s glass walls and view of the Atlantic Ocean exemplified the transparency and growth potential of ETFs. I trust this venue will be revisited next year.

The Exhibition Hall was full of ETF Sponsors and other vendors. It was a great chance to dialogue with firms as well as capture updated product and research literature. Here’s my take on the Good and the Bad from the Exhibition Hall. Continue Reading

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Inside ETFs Conference: ETF Industry Rolls On (part 1)

Anyone who spent the last few days in Miami attending the world’s largest ETF conference witnessed a healthy industry bustling with new players, innovation and energy. Index Publications, parent of industry leading publications ETFR (Exchange Traded Funds Report), Journal of Indexing and ETF web portal IndexUniverse, held their annual U.S. ETF conference at the Western Diplomat Resort and Spa this past Sunday through Tuesday. Attendance was close Continue Reading

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