Apple iPad 2: Three Next Gen ETFs

As important as Apple’s iPad has been for Apple and its consumers, the iPad 2 has the potential to raise the stakes. Innovation is constant from Apple and many believe a more powerful processor, the addition of  cameras and a slimmer body will make this device more useful and popular than ever. In the ETF world a variety of second generation ETFs have launched over the last few years that have refreshed and updated older ETFs in the marketplace. Three ETFs covering popular asset classes specifically stand out as they provide advances remarkably similar to those that Apple is delivering in the iPad 2. Here’s a chart to get this analysis started. More to come after the break.

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Inside ETFs Conference: The Good and The Bad (part 2)

The world’s largest ETF Conference, Inside ETFs, was a successful event boasting close to 2,000 attendees. The new venue for the conference, the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood, Florida was befitting this dynamic conference and industry. The Diplomat’s glass walls and view of the Atlantic Ocean exemplified the transparency and growth potential of ETFs. I trust this venue will be revisited next year.

The Exhibition Hall was full of ETF Sponsors and other vendors. It was a great chance to dialogue with firms as well as capture updated product and research literature. Here’s my take on the Good and the Bad from the Exhibition Hall. Continue Reading

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Inside ETFs Conference: ETF Industry Rolls On (part 1)

Anyone who spent the last few days in Miami attending the world’s largest ETF conference witnessed a healthy industry bustling with new players, innovation and energy. Index Publications, parent of industry leading publications ETFR (Exchange Traded Funds Report), Journal of Indexing and ETF web portal IndexUniverse, held their annual U.S. ETF conference at the Western Diplomat Resort and Spa this past Sunday through Tuesday. Attendance was close Continue Reading

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Four ETF WikiLeaks

If the ETF world was suddenly the victim of leaked internal documents, what would they say? Watching CNN’s coverage of the WikiLeaks/U.S. military story made me think about this recently. Here are the four prominent headlines that might result: Pricing Angst, Tax Fears, True Third Party Support, and An Absent Industry Voice. Continue Reading

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The Top 20 ETF Melt Up Candidates For Year End

It’s that time of year for holiday music, colder weather and the odd investing phenomenon known as window dressing to take place. For some reason, some money managers begin to purchase the best performing securities of the year towards the end of the year causing these top performers to melt upward in price. This historic trend, dubbed window dressing, is supposed to occur because money managers know that investors review the holdings in their portfolios at year end and compare them to the best performing securities in the marketplace that year. Presumably money managers want to demonstrate they owned the best performers — even if only for a short time. Thus they “dress” their portfolio before the year end portfolio snapshot (window) takes place. Yes Virginia, we live in an odd investment world…

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the top 20 ETF/ETN melt up candidates this year. Doing so may provide a way to gauge the melt up affect on ETPs (exchange traded portfolios) and even yield a few investment ideas. After the break, I’ve compiled the latest year to date ETP performance report from Index, which I believe has the cleanest ETP data in the industry. This report includes all ETPs, except leveraged and inverse products, and is sorted by year to date performance. Click through the break to view the performance chart and associated observations… Continue Reading

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