Green and Gold ETFs for Super Bowl XLV

The Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers will tussle in Cowboy Stadium this Sunday. Both teams are rich in tradition and championships but only one will emerge victorious. In honor of this clash between Packer Green and Steeler Gold, I present my favorite Green and Gold ETFs as honorary captains for Super Bowl 45. Continue Reading

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Gold and Brett Favre: Outperformed by Upstarts?

The last two years have been eventful for Gold and Brett Favre. The value of Gold careened upward as the economic landscape turned cloudy and investors sought the safety of Gold. Brett Favre joined a loaded Minnesota Vikings team that propelled him to his best statistical (QB rating) season ever, leaving him one win short of the Super Bowl. So, if someone asked you to pick the best performers in each category — Metals and QBs — the last two years who would you pick? The choices are Gold versus Silver and Brett Favre versus new Packer QB Aaron Rodgers? Believe it or not, the upstart has outperformed the more well known standard in both cases. Here’s proof:

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