iPad = ETF

If you are like me, you continue to be amazed by the convenience, flexibility and robustness of the iPad. Who would have thought something so simple, could deliver so much? I haven’t felt this way since I first encountered ETFs. The similarities are really amazing and led me to this chart of characteristics both share:

It’s no wonder the success of the iPad and the ETF have been overwhelming as both have delivered characteristics that the market desperately needed. (see chart again) Both “devices” are true disruptive technologies causing computer manufacturers and asset management firms to reassess future products and even product lines.

Now the ETF crowd — from the ICI to the individual ETF sponsor — should review the iPad awareness effort to learn lessons on how to get the ETF message to the investing public. (Hint: running more ads with Spiders, Bricks of Gold and pictures of large X’s may not do the trick — how about telling the story of the benefits of owning the vehicle like the iPad ads do.) Or perhaps someone should design an app for that…