Christian Magoon on “The Street”

In mid December, Christian Magoon visited with Greg Greenberg on the New York set of The Street to talk ETF hits and misses in 2011, India, Gold and the future of ETFs in 2012. He highlighted gold ETFs as both hits and misses in 2011. Physical gold ETFs finished the year gaining about 10% and hit all time highs in assets. Gold stock ETFs however were negative for the year with some products losing close to a third of their value. Magoon highlighted gold mining ETFs as an opportunity in 2012. He also highlighted the sell off in India in 2011 as a potential opportunity in 2012. India, he worst performing BRIC country in 2011, was oversold according to Magoon. Going forward Magoon mentioned factor products as an area for growth in 2012 for the ETF industry.