Dissecting ETF Flows Vs. Mutual Fund Flows

Index Universe

Stock ETF flows were a healthy $12 billion in July. At the same time stock mutual funds experienced an $8 billion outflow in July. That’s a massive difference. On the fixed income side however, bond ETF inflow were meager when compared to bond mutual fund flows. Index Universe interviewed Christian Magoon and others to examine the reasons behind both products’ unique flows. Read the complete article HERE.

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Three Reasons ETFs Fail


As the ETF marketplace has become more competitive, there have been more ETF closures. While this is to be expected from a high growth industry, there are steps ETF Sponsors can take to help safeguard against failure. In his weekly NASDAQ ETF column Christian Magoon addresses the three primary reasons ETFs close and what Sponsors can do to minimize closures. Read the full article HERE

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The Gold Stock ETF Depression

Benzinga 8/3/2012

With the average gold stock ETF off 40% in the last year, many investors are wondering if this market segment is a chance to scoop up an opportunity or avoid due to more pain ahead. Christian Magoon takes a look at this troubled indirect gold investment and draws conclusions in his article on Benzinga.com.

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Most Read ETF Analysis Author On Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha June 2012

Christian Magoon, ETF author, is now the most read contributor of ETF Analysis articles on investment site Seeking Alpha as of June 9, 2012. Magoon is also the third most read author for the ETF Picks & Lists category. Here are the details from the San Francisco Chronicle.

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Magoon Addresses Active ETF Space

Christian Magoon discusses active ETFs with reporter Murray Coleman. He details the current dynamics of the active ETF space and what the future has in store for this growing ETF product set.

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