The Inspiration Behind the DaVinci Code of ETFs?

Yesterday I compared the Kauffman Report on ETFs to another good work of fact mixed with fiction, The DaVinci Code. And btw, the Kauffman Report has DaVinci like numbers with 4 million google results and plenty of financial media coverage thus far.

Today I was directed to check out an interesting post on a potential large conflict of interest within the Kauffman Foundation when it comes to ETFs. Could that be the inspiration for the entire report?

While it may be coincidental that the Chairman of the Kauffman Foundation is the president and CEO of one of the largest mutual fund record keeping services in the country today, it does not pass the fair and balanced test. It also just may be coincidental that that the Kauffman Report conveniently ignores the mutual fund industry and its 10x asset base when outlining market movement charges against ETFs. But again, something doesn’t quite seem right. Tuesday night on the Kudlow Report, one of the authors was asked about this potential conflict of interest and he responded that he hadn’t “talked to the Chairman in over a month.” Well then, I guess that settles the question…